What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal and Stripe.

Occasionally, we accept Wire Transfer payments as well. To use this method of payment, you will need to follow these steps: :

  1. You wire the money to the Chupamobile bank account;
  2. Once the funds are made available from the Bank, we will provide you a Chupamobile credits coupon code for the exact value you wired. Please be sure to clear all the fees (Forex Exchange and transfer fees) on your side. We will subsequently charge your account with the precise amount we received;
  3. Once you redeem the coupon code, you will be able to buy and download a product as a standard user; this means that you will get any free updates and support from the author.

If you are interested in making a payment via Wire Transfer, contact us via the Help button below and we will send you the necessary information to let you wire the funds.

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