How can I get support?

Before you ask for support, make sure to read all the documentation associated with your product.

Then leave a comment in the comment box.

After 48 hours without comment feedback, contact us via the Help button below.

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    I have updated my ticket over 1 day ago and I've still not got a reply. Could you please look into this.
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    Hello, we did as you asked by leaving a comment and the author did not address our issue of missing files and instead only redirected us to his documentation which doesn't match what we downloaded. Tomorrow, our funder will pull all funding from the project if the app is not published and working properly on Google Play. We are developers and don't need to pay you $849 on a $99 app. Are you engaging in fraud? It sure looks that way to me. If our app is not published and working properly by tomorrow, I will take the following actions against Chupa Mobile: 1) File a complaint with the FCC for fraud. 2) File a lawsuit for not only the cost of the app but for the funding we are about to lose, and 3) write and publish a tech article about our experiences with the author of the app trying to fleece us and Chupa Mobile. WHEN WE DOWNLOAD YOUR APP THAT SAYS IT IS FULLY READY AND WE CANT WORK WITH IT IN ANDROID OR RECEIVE TWO MINUTES OF SUPPORT FROM YOU WITHOUT BEING CHARGED IT IS ENGAGING IN FRAUD.

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    I should note that we first asked for help to get this thing working in Android Studio 11 days ago. Eleven days!

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