What are the benefits of joining the Chupamobile Authoring Program?

You will enjoy amazing benefits if you join the Chupamobile Authoring Program, including these:

  1. You’ll stay the owner of your template;
  2. Joining Chupamobile is totally free;
  3. You will receive 60% of the revenues each time a someone buys your product. Some of our best authors are making thousands of dollars by selling their projects on our marketplace!;
  4. You can benefit from the reskin program which will give you extra money if you are available for reskinning your own and/or a different author’s app. The first time we receive a reskin request for your product, we will contact you to know if you are available for doing it; if so, we will need a quote. If you are available and your quote is fair, we will forward you all the reskin requests for your products so you get extra income!
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