How can you help the visibility of my app?

We offer the chance to our authors to reach our 100,000+ community of appreneurs through our blog. If you have good writing skills and a good topic for a blog post, get in contact with our marketing team. You could be selected to write a guest post on the Chupamobile blog. This is a good way to promote your apps among our community. Many authors have done it before with great results: increased traffic and sales. If you are interested, write a 500-1,500 word article about any topic that might be of interest for our community (app reskinning, app monetization, ASO, app development,etc.). At the end of the article, we will include a short bio for you and we will introduce one or more of your products to our readers. Here an example.

Some other points about the blog post are:

  • Must provide a value for the reader (IT CANNOT BE A PROMOTIONAL POST!!!);
  • Must be written in correct English;
  • Must be at least 500 words long;
  • Try to make it easy to read (use paragraphs, bullet points, h1/h2/h3 tags);
  • Feel free to provide any images you’d like to attach to the article.
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