I want to submit an app template to Chupamobile, where should I start?

When submitting a product to Chupamobile, you must prepare the following texts and files that are mandatory for the submission:

  • .zip file containing the full template of the app
  • .txt file with the full documentation of the template
  • 200 x 140px preview image
  • 650 x 290px hero image
  • Some screenshots of the app
  • full description of the app and of the template

After you have all the necessary files and information ready, you can start the submission process. Be sure you have an author profile or create one here. If you already have one, just navigate to the voice Upload a New App on your dashboard or click here. From there, the steps will guide you through the whole process.

Do not forget to fill in every mandatory field and to upload all the images and files requested. Our review team will not accept any incomplete submissions so be sure you don’t miss anything . If your template is rejected two times, you will only be able to submit it a third time before our review team rejects your template.

Every week, our marketing team chooses the best products to advertise on our main distribution channels. If you want to increase your odds of getting your app featured, include a nice banner image in your product bundle. The banner should be in psd format, 1200x628px, and should not include more than 20% text.

In this free downloadable guide, you will find all the steps to get started on Chupamobile.

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